Kenapa ikut main angklung? Ada dua alasan sebenarnya. Alasan pertama, Itu saatnya saya pulang kampung. Saya merasakan saat ikut angklung itu berada di rumah, berada di Indonesia. [...] Alasan kedua melestarikan budaya angklung, terutama di Jerman.

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Okt 15

3 Countries, 3 Angklung groups, 1 Heart.

Wow! A medley of Tanah Airku will be released very soon. It will be a collaboration video with the 40 Days in Europe Angklung team (Indonesia) and Angklung Eindhoven (Netherlands). This is our second collaboration with 40 Days in Europe but we are all still so exciting like it’s the first time because every newmehr

Mai 15

It’s out! #ProjectPi.

**NEW VIDEO RELEASED** Angklung Hamburg Orchestra proudly presents: – Project π – An Angklung Hamburg cover of the nice song ”Pompeii” by Bastille. We put a lot of hard work in this project, so we really hope that you’ll like it. Enjoy it! And if you enjoyed it, don’t forget to like and share! :”)mehr

Mai 15

- Project Pi -.

Click here to watch the Official Trailers of our next big project! #ProjectPi Junior’s Teaser #1: Dhevi’s Teaser #2: Vanda’s Teaser #3: Angklung Hamburg’s Official Teaser[1] #4: Angklung Hamburg’s Official Teaser[2] #5:  


  • GyManiac's #VLOG 03 | Mengunjungi Angklung Hamburg Orchestra!

    Whaddap guys! VLOG kali ini sangat berbeda dan tidak bertema fitness sama sekali. Di VLOG kali ini gw mengunjungi Angklung Hamburg Orchestra di Hamburg. Kalau kalian tertarik dengan Angklung di Hamburg, silahkan nonton video nya! Enjoy!

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    Inzwischen sind ziemlich viele Videos über Angklung Hamburg bei YouTube zu sehen!